History from Headstones

History from Headstones Online will transform a unique archive of
gravestones inscription transcripts for about 800 graveyards in Northern Ireland from a largely inaccessible manuscript collection into a digitised format with a computerised index accessible through the Internet. The project will also include an initial 24 interactive on-line case studies on notable graveyards, which demonstrate how the local cemetery can act as a focal point for learning family, local, national and even international history. This project will form an important study and teaching tool that will promote interest in and knowledge of Irish history whilst at the same time develop new literacy and creative literacy skills amongst both adults and children. It will also support the other nof-digitise themes of cultural enrichment and citizenship.



Ulster Historical Foundation

The Ulster Historical Foundation is an organisation that exists to project a positive image of Northern Ireland both at home and abroad.

The Ulster Historical Foundation was established in 1956 whereby ‘helping people to trace their ancestors it would foster an interest and a pride in Ulster overseas’.

This is primarily achieved by the preservation, publication and dissemination of information that promotes a wider understanding of the historical resources that exist in Ireland to undertake family history research and through education that will lead to a greater understanding of Irish history in particular the history of the province of Ulster.

Fintan Mullan
Executive Director
Ulster Historical Foundation
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N. Ireland
Tel: +44 (0)28 90 332288
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Email: fintan@uhf.org.uk
URL: www.ancestryireland.co.uk
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